About Us

About Us


MPS Digital is primarily licensed by the Central and State Governments to provide all the services required by the public through the Online e-Seva Center. The existing technical and electronics sectors provide Basic Housing Needs, Business, Education, Agriculture, Telecommunications Economy, Life Insurance, Auto Insurance and Banking.

Obtaining visas for Travel / Tourism, Singapore, Malaysia, USA etc. Passport Online Services, PAN / Aadhaar Amendments, Gazette Notification, Paper Advertising and Income Tax Services. Provides a variety of programs and services through partner companies and each of these categories has a bouquet of related businesses

The CEO is an Indian national who has been the Chairman of MPS Digital & Video since 2010 with a registered office in India. Participant in the preparation of the 2007 Indian Voter List and Motor Vehicle Regional Transport experience working in offices for over 10 years. He is currently in the process of collecting information on the Seventh Economic, Survey Uthan Power Project and Indian Internet Business Has made arrangements to make the services available to the public and as the Villupuram District Chairman of the Informal Workers Welfare Board and as the Regional Coordinator in the HMS Association who has the capacity to meet all the needs of the public through the Informal Workers.


We have been giving best Support to Our Registered Candidates & Our Organisers

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